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IT Professional, Licensed Drone Pilot, Photographer, TV Editor and Writer

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Professional Skills

Skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, Photography, Video editing, Aerial Photo/Video and audio editing. FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.

Worked in upper management overseeing financial, employee and guest operations for multiple hotels. 


I've worked professionally in IT Departments as well as freelance work doing computer repair, server maintenance, website management and more.

Matt Gower

I enjoy building things. From Linux servers to woodworking I find the most enjoyment in passion projects and learning new skills as I go. 

I am an FAA licensed drone pilot and have been working in photography for over a decade now. I'm also a pretty decent FPV racing pilot and have participated in various tournaments in San Antonio.  

Currently I am a writer and editor on RFD-TV's Best of America by Horseback tv show, when I'm not working on new episodes I enjoy working around Andora Farm and spending time with the animals.

I enjoyed several years in the hospitality industry managing multiple hotels in Wyndham and IHG brand properties working Sales, General Management and Accounting.